Getting Started


The E-goi API handles HTTP and HTTPS queries, which should be sent to the following URL:

Using SOAP:
Using universal SOAP (for languages or tools not supporting standard SOAP):
Using XML-RPC:
Using RESTful:

Virtually all API commands require a key. To locate your API key, log into your E-goi account and click the "Apps" menu. Each E-goi account has its own API key.
NOTE: Your E-goi account has a limit of 150 API calls per hour, so make sure your code doesn't hit us with too many queries :)


This projects contains the most common programming languages bindings for the E-Goi Online API.
NOTE: The wrappers may not be UpToDate.

Api Methods













NO_USERNAME_AND_PASSWORD_AND_APIKEYMissing username and password and API key
NO_USERNAMEMissing username
NO_PASSWORDMissing password
NO_APIKEYMissing API key
NO_ACCESSMissing API key or no permission to perform this action
NO_TEMPLATE_PROVIDEDMissing template id
NO_LISTS_OR_CAMPAIGNS_PROVIDEDMissing lists or campaigns
TEMPLATE_NOT_FOUNDTemplate not found
NO_LISTS_PROVIDED_AS_ARRAYLists provided is not an array
INVALID_CAMPAIGN_ID_PROVIDED_IN_ARRAYThe array contains an invalid id
NO_CAMPAIGNS_PROVIDEDTemplate Missing campaigns
NO_CAMPAIGNS_PROVIDED_AS_ARRAYCampaigns provided is not an array
CANT_GENERATE_ADVANCED_REPORTCan't generate advanced report
NO_DATAMissing lists or campaigns
NAME_MISSINGMissing name
LIST_MISSINGMissing mailing list
FORMS_NOT_FOUNDForms not found
NO_TAGS_FOUNDNo tags found
TAG_ALREADY_EXISTSTag already exists
TAG_NOT_FOUNDTag not found
NO_TAG_IDMissing tag ID
NO_TARGET_ELEMENTSNo target elements
INTERNAL_ERRORAn internal server problem occurred
INVALID_TYPEThe item type is not valid
INVALID_LISTMissing mailing list
LIST_NOT_FOUNDThe mailing list was not found
FIELD_NOT_FOUNDThe extra field was not found
FIELD_NAME_MISSINGMissing extra field name
INVALIDNo client found
CHANNEL_MISSINGMissing channel of sender
SENDER_EXISTSSender already exists
SENDER_MISSINGSender already exists
FILE_SENDER_MISSINGSender already exists
SENDER_NOT_EXISTSSender not exists
FILE_TOO_LARGEThe approval file size has exceeded the 8 MB limit
INVALID_FILEThe approval file is not an pdf
CNAME_MISSINGMissing Cname name
SUBSCRIBER_MISSINGMissing subscriber e-mail or reference number
SUBSCRIBER_FORMAT_ERRORThe format of the mobile, telephone or fax number is not valid
NO_CELLPHONEMissing mobile
SUBSCRIBER_NOT_FOUNDSubscriber not found
CAMPAIGN_NOT_VALIDThe campaign or campaign template is not valid
NO_MESSAGEMissing campaign message contents
NO_SUBJECTMissing campaign title or E-mail subject
NO_SUBSCRIBERSNo subscribers found to send SMS
INVALID_OPTIONInvalid option
NO_CELLPHONE_OR_TELEPHONEMissing mobile or phone number
SUBSCRIBER_NOT_ACTIVESubscriber not active
NO_MORE_LISTS_ALLOWEDThe maximum number of mailing lists in your account has been reached
NO_AUDIO_FILEMissing audio file
NO_FAX_FILEMissing fax file
INVALID_URLCould not load the contents of the external webpage URL
INVALID_FROMMissing/incorrect sender code or the sender hasn't been validated yet in E-goi
INVALID_REPLYMissing/incorrect reply-to code or the reply-to hasn't been validated yet in E-goi
NO_CAMPAIGNMissing campaign hash
CANNOT_BE_DELETEDThe campaign is periodic or event-triggered and cannot be deleted using the API
ALREADY_DELETEDThe campaign has already been deleted
CAMPAIGN_NOT_FOUNDThe campaign was not found
CANNOT_EDIT_CAMPAIGNThe campaign is being sent out (or is in a non-editable status) and cannot be currently edited
NO_COMPARE_FIELDMissing fields to compare by
MAX_SUBSCRIBERS_LIMIT_EXCEEDEDThe amount of subscribers you're adding exceeds your account's subscriber limit
MAX_SUBSCRIBERS_FILE_LIMIT_EXCEEDEDThe amount of subscribers you're adding exceeds 50 MB in size
INVALID_EXTRA_FIELDAn extra field has an invalid name or contains invalid data
CANNOT_ADD_MORE_SUBSCRIBERSNo more subscribers can be added (your account's subscriber limit has been exceeded)
EXTRA_FIELD_X_DOES_NOT_EXISTExtra field XX does not exist
NO_DATA_TO_INSERTNo new data has been entered for this subscriber
EMAIL_ALREADY_EXISTSThe email already exists in the mailing list
CELLPHONE_ALREADY_EXISTSThe cellphone already exists in the mailing list
FAX_ALREADY_EXISTSThe fax already exists in the mailing list
TELEPHONE_ALREADY_EXISTSThe telephone already exists in the mailing list
FIST_NAME_ALREADY_EXISTSThe first name already exists in the mailing list
LAST_NAME_ALREADY_EXISTSThe last name already exists in the mailing list
TAX_ID_FIELD_REMOVEDTax ID field was removed
ADDRESS_FIELD_REMOVEDAddress field was removed
ZIP_CODE_FIELD_REMOVEDZip code field was removed
CITY_FIELD_REMOVEDCity field was removed
DISCRICT_FIELD_REMOVEDDistrict field was removed
STATE_FIELD_REMOVEDState field was removed
COUNTRY_FIELD_REMOVEDCountry field was removed
AGE_FIELD_REMOVEDAge field was removed
GENDER_FIELD_REMOVEDGender field was removed
ID_CARD_FIELD_REMOVEDID card field was removed
COMPANY_FIELD_REMOVEDCompany field was removed
BIRTH_DATE_ALREADY_EXISTSThe birthday date already exists in the mailing list
EXTRA_FIELD_XX_ALREADY_EXISTSThe extra field XX already exists in the mailing list
SUBSCRIBER_ALREADY_REMOVEDThe subscriber has already been removed
EMAIL_ADDRESS_INVALIDThe e-mail address is invalid (syntax error)
SEGMENT_NOT_FOUNDThe segment has not been found in the mailing list
SEGMENT_NAME_MISSINGMissing segment name
NO_SEARCH_FIELDSMissing fields to run the search on
NO_SEGMENT_FOUNDNo segment found
AUTOBOT_NOT_FOUNDAutobot not found